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Slindon Cinema is one of the last remaining cinemas in the world to run nothing but celluloid, no digital. We have gone from strength to strength, and now run regular seasons of 35mm film shows, in our 1930's art deco retro hall. 

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Our Story

Whilst studying A-levels in 2019, Joe Cornick undertook a project to recreate a retro cinema utilizing the local village hall where he grew up. The Coronation Hall in Slindon was built in the 1930's with a full projection box, but no projectors were ever put in. Nearly 100 years later, we were able to install a full 35mm projection facility, with a generous donation of the equipment from a Cinema in Tonbridge, who had gone fully digital. 

We started screening monthly 50's and 60's film prints, growing a steady audience who came for the classic vintage feel, atmosphere and silver screen style. On our team were 2 ex cinema projectionists, with nearly 50 years of experience between them, their help with the project has been the guiding hand behind being able to show these classic features on celluloid in 2023. 



Click below to read our Guardian Article:

Guardian Article


We're always looking for feedback, new ideas or support for the project. Please get in touch!


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